5. It’s a good number.

I mean, you’ve got the Jackson Five. Take Five. High Fives. It’s the number of books in the Old Testament Pentateuch. It’s the atomic number of Boron. (Duh)

Here at RAM the number 5 has a special meaning. Every work day, at precisely 8:15am, we pause to take part in what we have dubbed the “5 MINUTE CLEAN”. Every human being in the company stops what they’re doing and cleans all over the company for 5 minutes, while a suitably inspiring song is played over the loudspeakers to galvanize everyone with a dramatic renewal of purpose. This is a specific application of what are more broadly known as 5S principles. These are practices that help us maintain our edge as a leading lean manufacturing company.

We have a term of endearment for people and companies that reject the wisdom of 5S: “crap stackers.” You don’t want to be a crap stacker, do you?

Swing by RAM and check out the positive effects of 5S for yourself. And stop stacking your crap.