…would indicate a big problem for RAM. It could also indicate an 80’s themed party.

But a FEW red balloons means things are actually going like they should.

You see, here at RAM, we use a red balloon as a sign that a homicidal clown is present visual cue for a non-conformance that needs to be addressed (that’s why, if we had 99 of them, it would be a pretty big problem). As our root cause and research process moves its way from person to person and operational area to operational area, the balloon stays with it. That way no one has to guess whether they have the baton. Nor do they need some sophisticated task software to remind them of what needs to be done. It’s pretty hard to ignore a huge red balloon on your desk.

Now, of course, we also use balloons for parties. So the downside of this practice is that when you see balloons your heart can be mixed with a combination of joyous expectation and…something less than that.

In fact, seeing a balloon connected to a quality complaint can, ironically, make one feel…deflated.

But it’s worth it. We don’t want to see our customers, or our quality, float away. Like Georgie.