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[Please note: For all Washington-based resellers, we are required by law to have a valid WA Reseller’s Permit to not charge State Sales Tax – otherwise sales tax will be charged. All tooling orders – regardless of the state you are in and whether you have a Resellers Permit or not – will be charged sales tax since tools are to be used in Washington and are not for resale. The only exception to this rule is for manufacturers who can provide us with a valid Manufacturer’s Exemption Certificate.]

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  • Terms & Conditions of Sale Terms – Credit Applications must be submitted and approved by Accounting before RAM will order materials or process and order UNLESS customer prepays in full with Purchase Order. RAM must receive a confirming Purchase Order from Customer before orders will be processed. CANCELLATIONS/DELAYS – After acceptance by RAM, orders shall not be subject to cancellation and/or delays except with RAM’s consent and upon terms that will indemnify RAM against all loss. RAM will invoice customer after 90 days for all material ordered to fill Purchase Order if Customer cancels or delays order without prior consent. On custom fabricated parts, non-stocked material will not be ordered until 1st Articles are approved in writing. Due date for finished product will be established accordingly. If Customer chooses to waive the 1st Article phase, parts delivered to the Customer may not be returned for any reason. RAM will have the option to stop production and/or ordering of materials if there are any outstanding invoices over 30 days. Any special agreement and conditions based on sales of RAM products will be in writing. Tooling will become the property of and maintained by RAM unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. RAM reserves the right to ship all orders complete with a quantity within 10% of the quantity ordered. Invoices will be for quantity shipped. All prices are subject to change with 30 day notice. Shipments will be invoices at the price in effect on date of shipments. RAM’s dimensional tolerances will be within industry standards- Thickness +/-10% Linear +/-3%. Any claims for rejected products must be presented in writing within fifteen (15) days of receipt of product. Any recommendations made by RAM for use of the product are based upon reliable information; however, RAM makes no guarantee of results to be obtained. Customer in its use of this product, will protect and not hold RAM liable in the event of any and all loss and or damage which may occur through error or misuse of such material, either within or outside the normal scope of the Customer’s business. Delivery shall be F.O.B. Mukilteo, WA. RAM will attempt to meet delivery dates requested by customer; however failure to meet a requested delivery date will not result in liability on RAM’s part.
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