Greg Wright

If you threw George Patton and Jackie Chan together in a blender, you’d get Greg Wright: fiercely loyal, superhumanly driven, and never satisfied with second place. He is a lean manufacturing evangelist and, as RAM’s CEO, the lead visionary for the company. Greg is unabashed in maintaining that his RAM team is best in class, and will take on all comers who suggests otherwise.

Susie Wright

On paper, Susie is RAM’s CFO. In reality, she is a sourcing powerhouse. If you get a call from Susie, it means you’re about to give her what she needs, like it or not. “No” is just not in her vocabulary when it comes to getting the job done. Susie is as kind as she is tough, and together with her co-owner and husband, Greg, makes sure customers and employees are treated with the TLC they deserve.

Kreston Welch

Although he would never admit it, Kreston is without peer in turning cold contacts into warm leads. His secret weapon? Being a genuinely good guy. Kreston is naturally curious, easygoing, and as our Director of Global Business Development, the best ambassador RAM could ask for out in the cold business world. There’s never a dull moment with Kreston around.

Noah Frank
That blur you just saw moving through our facility was Noah Frank. As RAM’s General Manager and resident speed-walker, Noah nimbly navigates both urgent production minutiae and long-range conceptual planning to make sure we do right by our customers today as well as five years from now. It should also be noted that while on business in Japan, Noah was singled out by our hosts for his “movie star good looks.”

Ben Keller
Who thinks quality, legal, and administrative fine print is super exciting? No one. But we are lucky to have, in Ben, a Director of Administration who is so good at those things that he makes it seem like it really is super exciting. He is also heavily relied on as an all-purpose wordsmith, with a daunting vocabulary – all in all a jocund fellow with a fecund pen.

Michael Low
As RAM’s Director of Finance, Michael rules over all things finance, accounting, and capital negotiation. High expectations, high performance, and high integrity…all those highs are Low. He’s wise enough to know that it’s not all about the actuarial tables and spreadsheets, and smart enough to, you know, give you a tutorial on those things if you’re interested.

Alex Sankey
Alex, our Director of Production, supervises our production floor to ensure our team is lean, mean, and not too far between. To facilitate this, he uses the discipline and team-building skills he learned as a member of the Backstreet Boys.