He shouldn’t have made it. The distance to the train…the luggage he was carrying…all of it conspired against him. For any ordinary man, this would be impossible.

But then, this was no ordinary man.

This was Kreston Welch.

RAM’s Director of Global Business Development broke into a sprint as the seconds ticked down to the train’s departure. Like a resourceful and nimble Jason Bourne, Kreston maneuvered with maximum speed – a virtual human Formula One car in a sea of people. There was no way he was going to miss the Foam Expo in Hanover, Germany. There it is! Just yards left. The doors start to close. No! A final heroic push, taxing his muscles and lungs to the limit as he lunges into the train passenger car, leaving barely a second to spare as the door closes behind him.

Such was a day in the life of RAM’s representative to the global business community, as he proudly represented our capabilities, technologies, global reach, and exciting materials to a whole mess of people. Technically, a Deutsche Messe full of people.

With RAM increasingly partnering with customers from all corners of the planet, we were well situated to explain our excellence and show our wares to an international gathering.

In the space of just a few days, new connections and friendships were formed, and new customers were gained; showing the exciting European adventure was more than worth it. We’ll see you next time, Foam Expo!