Butlers at RAM

Welcome to part 2 of a 3-part series on the culture we strive to cultivate at RAM Technologies.

Have you ever “buttled” before? Probably not. Sounds like a weird dance move…“Hey ladies, check out this buttle!”

Or maybe part of a legal argument…“Your honor, I demand a rebuttal to that buttle!”

Actually, “buttle” is simply a verb that means “to work as a butler.”

The butler is important as a visual symbol of the second set of traits we want our people to focus on here at RAM.

We serve those above us, below us, inside RAM, and outside RAM, with humility and excellence. We even anticipate needs before they materialize.

We aim to be the Jarvis to Tony Stark’s Iron Man.

The Alfred to Bruce Wayne’s Batman.

The butler.

Serving up a platter of goodness at RAM Technologies.