Industrial Metal, Foam & Plastic Encapsulating Services

Say you need to protect an essential component inside a soft, outer shell. Like a ravioli. Or a talking bear. Or a vibrating neck pillow. But how, exactly, can you do it? That’s where we come in.

Our encapsulating services can keep your components safe and warm. Here is just a RAM Technologies offers plastic encapsulating servicesbit of what we offer:

  • Plastic, metal, wire
  • Pillow padding
  • Dual-density
  • Memory foam

How Does It Work?

Some products have many working parts. These working parts are often on the inside, unseen by most people. In order to work properly, they need to be in the right place and to be well-protected. The encapsulating services from RAM Technologies can help you do just that. Whether it’s foam, metal, wire, or plastic, we can protect or hide essential parts of your product inside the item itself. It’s essentially like wrapping those vital components up in a protective blanket. This effectively hides the component from view while also shielding it from any potential harm or damage.

Have questions about our encapsulating capabilities?

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