foam & plastic Product Development

Our approach to product development goes something like this: You dream it up, we’ll build it — bam. Get the best design team around with zero impact on your payroll and 100% commitment to service.

So, why should you choose us? Here are a few reasons:

  • Innovative solutions to tough problems
  • Direct access to our engineers — you call the shots!
  • Partnership model
  • Rapid prototyping

We’ll be with you at every stage, from beginning to end

Got a great idea but don’t know how to start? Give us a call. We will guide you through each of the following stages for product development:


If you need help finalizing your ideas, we can help you out. Our design team is filled with expert engineers that are here at your beck and call.


Before you can get that great idea out into the world, you need to build a prototype. Our form and plastic prototypes are cheap, effective, and easy to make. We use only the highest quality materials so that you can truly see how your product will look and feel.


Your dream product is just about to become a reality…once you start manufacturing, that is. After building the prototype, we can make any final adjustments you need and then get your product out on the assembly line.


Have questions about product development?

Call or email us today. A real, live person answers the phone 7:30 to 4:30 PST Monday-Friday and we answer all new emails within one business day.