We were delighted to send one of our engineers to the beautiful country of Deutschland. We had asked him to sing accordingly while he was there, but he’s not that kind of guy.

You might wonder why we sent him there. Was it to attend the recent G20 summit with other international dignitaries? No, this year RAM was snubbed yet again. Was it to perform reconnaissance in case Germany decides to go to war with THE WORLD for the 3rd time? No.

The reason we sent him was: to personally confirm and test, pre-delivery, the incredible capabilities of some of the new equipment that is heading to RAM shortly over the ocean wide.

The particulars are hush-hush, but you might look at it this way: Our competitors are asleep at the wheel using Commodore 64’s while a fleet of new MacBook Pro’s are on their way to RAM.

Sleep well, competition, sleep well.

Lewis & Clark & RAM

Carving a route.

It’s what the brave explorers Lewis & Clark did across the Louisiana Purchase on their way the mighty Pacific Ocean.

As Meriweather Lewis recorded in his diary as they neared the mouth of the Columbia River: “My dearest hope, as I approach the end of the journey of a lifetime, is that our achievements won’t end up being used as a cheap anecdote by some ne’er-do-well in the future.”*

And it is in that spirit that we wanted to say that in our own way, RAM cuts and carves routes all day long. In most cases, we limit ourselves to foam and plastic material of workable dimensions, as opposed to establishing cross-continental trading and exploration paths.

CNC routing enables us to do all the detail and fine finish work that many of our customers’ most complex parts demand.

Isn’t it time that you loaded up your wagon, supplies, horses, and maps, and planned your journey to RAM?

*May be apocryphal


We’ve all heard of RF Welding.

Wait, you haven’t?

Look, I don’t want to be insulting, but radio frequency welding has been around since the 1940’s and is frankly a key part of what makes us America. Baseball, apple pie, and heating polymer dipoles by RF waves.

There are different ways to seal the edges of foam and fabric parts, and this lightning in a bottle is just what many of our customers like. Quick, efficient, and safe. How do we know? Because when we ordered our RF Welding machines, the salesman told us clearly: “I’ll tell you what. These machines are quick, efficient, and safe.” We know he was telling the truth, because he looked and sounded like Sam Elliott.

To summarize: Do you like America? Do you trust Sam Elliott? Then call us and ask about how our RF Welders can go to work for you.

Our sole duty.

We’ve really stepped in it this time.

By “it”, I mean the shoe insole market.

It’s a similar story, and we’ve heard it many times from internationally recognized companies. “Here’s what we love about China: the fact that we’re only paying raw material cost. Labor is essentially free.” The down side? Lead times that make the Kon-Tiki look like a bullet train. Quality issues that turn stateside buyers’ hair gray prematurely. And then there’s that whole conscience thing: nobody likes to dwell on the fact that your product is being made by some 12 year old Chinese girl who rode her bike to a factory through smog that looks like it was belched out of Mt. Doom.

So we have several footwear clients who we have helped “return home” to the good ol’ U.S. of A.

From thermoforming and shaping of plastics, foams, and fabrics – to final steps of assembly and logo printing, we’ve got your insole needs covered.

So if your foreign manufacturing is currently your Achilles heel and you’ve got some insole production pains, it may be time to step into RAM.