Not to jump the gun, but…

…it’s that time of year already. Seems like only yesterday when we were reminding all of you that RAM would be at the 2018 SHOT SHOW in Vegas. Our time at the show last year culminated in a reenactment of Tombstone using Nerf guns resulted in lots of positive customer interactions.

In fact, it went so well that we decided to bite the bullet again in 2019. RAM will be at the show on January 21st & 22nd, in booth S1408.

Why do we go to the SHOT SHOW? Because lots of tactical gear companies need foam and fabric solutions for everything from holsters to body cams. And they need solutions from a world class company that has a proven and viable track record, not just some cowpoke that sauntered into town yesterday. We’re no flash in the pan when it comes to tactical products. Some of the greatest creative challenges come to us from our customers in this arena. And we are always relentlessly pursuing the new, and the better, and the improved. We absolutely love products and processes that no one else is doing, allowing us to run circles around our competitors.

Or, to put it in the language that would resonate with our friends at the show…

RAM hits the mark, shoots straight, stays on target, and is loaded for bear. Our competitors shoot blanks, go off half-cocked, and tend to be loose cannons.

We’ll see you there! We’ll be the ones dressed like Wyatt Earp brandishing foam rifles.

RAM Sales Team members photographed walking the 2018 Shot Show


Our sole duty.

We’ve really stepped in it this time.

By “it”, I mean the shoe insole market.

It’s a similar story, and we’ve heard it many times from internationally recognized companies. “Here’s what we love about China: the fact that we’re only paying raw material cost. Labor is essentially free.” The down side? Lead times that make the Kon-Tiki look like a bullet train. Quality issues that turn stateside buyers’ hair gray prematurely. And then there’s that whole conscience thing: nobody likes to dwell on the fact that your product is being made by some 12 year old Chinese girl who rode her bike to a factory through smog that looks like it was belched out of Mt. Doom.

So we have several footwear clients who we have helped “return home” to the good ol’ U.S. of A.

From thermoforming and shaping of plastics, foams, and fabrics – to final steps of assembly and logo printing, we’ve got your insole needs covered.

So if your foreign manufacturing is currently your Achilles heel and you’ve got some insole production pains, it may be time to step into RAM.