Diamonds at RAM

Welcome to part 3 of a 3-part series on the culture we strive to cultivate at RAM Technologies.

Out of all the rocks and minerals on earth, only one is considered the pinnacle of precious gems. And that’s the diamond.

The diamond is the 3rd and final visual symbol we use to teach about RAM culture.

The diamond represents excellence. Excellence that is clear and obvious to all observers. If Queen Elizabeth sports a diamond tiara, no one really believes it’s crap. No. The glistening gems speak for themselves.

And that’s how we think of every product that heads out our doors to our customers. It’s gotta be perfect. And that diamond-like excellence extends to people, not just products. All day every day we want to kick butt and take names for our customers.

Is perfection possible? No. But the chase will pay dividends.

The diamond.

The final, flawless facet to RAM’s culture.

Butlers at RAM

Welcome to part 2 of a 3-part series on the culture we strive to cultivate at RAM Technologies.

Have you ever “buttled” before? Probably not. Sounds like a weird dance move…“Hey ladies, check out this buttle!”

Or maybe part of a legal argument…“Your honor, I demand a rebuttal to that buttle!”

Actually, “buttle” is simply a verb that means “to work as a butler.”

The butler is important as a visual symbol of the second set of traits we want our people to focus on here at RAM.

We serve those above us, below us, inside RAM, and outside RAM, with humility and excellence. We even anticipate needs before they materialize.

We aim to be the Jarvis to Tony Stark’s Iron Man.

The Alfred to Bruce Wayne’s Batman.

The butler.

Serving up a platter of goodness at RAM Technologies.

Wolverines at RAM

Welcome to part 1 of a 3-part series on the culture we strive to cultivate at RAM Technologies.


What in the world is that?

It’s a fictional alloy. Marvel Universe hero Wolverine has a skeleton made of it, making him virtually indestructible.

The Wolverine is the visual symbol of the first set of traits we aim to demonstrate here at RAM.

The Wolverine, whether we’re talking about the animal or the superhero, conjures up some attributes:

Tenacious – The wolverine refuses to relent or quit until the job is done.
Gritty – The wolverine creatively finds ways to succeed, and gets a little dirty along the way if need be.
Fun – The wolverine isn’t stuffy, and makes sure to have some fun along the way.
Irreverent – The wolverine is a Budweiser cap in a world of Stetson fedoras.

The wolverine:

Clawing our way toward excellence at RAM Technologies.


Recently, several individuals from a new customer toured RAM. After the visit and tour, the person in charge of the group asked his co-workers for one word that described our company. Our Sales team waited, very curious as to what they might say. Below are the 5 words resulting, with “Fast” being primary. The visitor challenged his team that if they were going to work with RAM, they would have to match our speed and not hold us up. A refreshing and encouraging visit! If you are interested in a company that exemplifies these attributes, check us out!