De press, boss! De press!

Let’s talk about RAM Technologies’ molding capabilities with our hydraulic presses.

(Congrats to the 3 of you who got the Fantasy Island reference)

This is an area of expertise that drives our competitors nuts. So we will be purposefully vague as to how the magic happens. I mean, does KFC or Coke post their flavor formulas for the world to see? No, they don’t.

But let’s just say the process might involve heating, three dimensional shaping, and a series of incantations by dark elves from Middle Earth. And when it’s all said and done, out come pristine parts that are cut and shaped precisely as our clients want them. You know how many parts – of the tens of thousands that went through this process and out our doors in 2016 – were rejected by our clients as bad or discrepant? Zero. Zero, my friends.

So, yeah. We’re pretty freaking good at this.

If you have a foam and fabric part that requires this kind of sophistication, why not come straight to the company that’s done it the longest and does it the best?