Diamonds at RAM

Welcome to part 3 of a 3-part series on the culture we strive to cultivate at RAM Technologies.

Out of all the rocks and minerals on earth, only one is considered the pinnacle of precious gems. And that’s the diamond.

The diamond is the 3rd and final visual symbol we use to teach about RAM culture.

The diamond represents excellence. Excellence that is clear and obvious to all observers. If Queen Elizabeth sports a diamond tiara, no one really believes it’s crap. No. The glistening gems speak for themselves.

And that’s how we think of every product that heads out our doors to our customers. It’s gotta be perfect. And that diamond-like excellence extends to people, not just products. All day every day we want to kick butt and take names for our customers.

Is perfection possible? No. But the chase will pay dividends.

The diamond.

The final, flawless facet to RAM’s culture.