We’re kind of a big deal…

How big, you ask? Well, hot on the heels of meeting with Mukilteo’s friendly and formidable Mayor Jennifer Gregerson, we have been contacted by the office of United States Congressman Rick Larsen. On Monday, October 9, RAM is delighted to be hosting Congressman Larsen. As civic-minded constituents with many ideas and concerns, our RAM Team has assembled questions in advance of the visit:

  1. If we provide you with a list of our competitors, can you publicly censure them from the floor of the House of Representatives? Verbiage suggestions for your censure would include phrases like “totally lame” and “clearly inferior to RAM Technologies.”
  2. You’ve been representing the good people of Washington for over 16 years now, with access to the wisdom and erudition and secrets of our government. As such, can you please let us know: what’s the deal with Bigfoot?
  3. As an influential and respected member of the House Armed Services Committee, could you advocate on our behalf regarding the “Camouflage Foam Pool Toys for Navy Seals” idea we have submitted to the Pentagon?

We trust our visit with Congressman Larsen will be foam-filled and fruitful. Stay tuned!