Lewis & Clark & RAM

Carving a route.

It’s what the brave explorers Lewis & Clark did across the Louisiana Purchase on their way the mighty Pacific Ocean.

As Meriweather Lewis recorded in his diary as they neared the mouth of the Columbia River: “My dearest hope, as I approach the end of the journey of a lifetime, is that our achievements won’t end up being used as a cheap anecdote by some ne’er-do-well in the future.”*

And it is in that spirit that we wanted to say that in our own way, RAM cuts and carves routes all day long. In most cases, we limit ourselves to foam and plastic material of workable dimensions, as opposed to establishing cross-continental trading and exploration paths.

CNC routing enables us to do all the detail and fine finish work that many of our customers’ most complex parts demand.

Isn’t it time that you loaded up your wagon, supplies, horses, and maps, and planned your journey to RAM?

*May be apocryphal