…you aren’t the ideal candidate.

The “ideal candidate” is a myth, and should be relegated to discussions of Plato’s cave (look it up).

None of us at RAM are ideal candidates. We’re an outfit of variably skilled miscreants and misfits who, together, make a pretty awesome team.

So, yes, we’d like a Production Manager who brings a combination of manufacturing experience, principled lean thinking and a history of successful implementation of continual improvement ideas. We’d also like someone who can drive hard to meet deadlines, doesn’t settle for mediocre, has a penchant for – and desire to – train and grow people. We’d like someone who can make decisions that are wise, but quick and efficient doesn’t hurt either. Patiently impatient. Ponderously quick. Tons of books smarts – that you know when to ignore. And so on.

But here’s the thing…that person isn’t out there.


Maybe you’re in the ballpark. Maybe you read what we’re looking for and your response is a piqued interest, as opposed to throwing up or having an anxiety attack.

And, look, if you don’t know what makes a good Production Manager in a manufacturing environment and/or don’t think you’d be a good one, then please click on another job. Obviously, this gig isn’t for you. No hard feelings. I’m looking at you dude-who-applies-randomly-to-jobs-without-reading-the-dang-fine-print.

But if you have the right experience and think you’d be a good fit, then the first thing you need to do is check out our website (https://www.ramtechnologies.com/). You want to know where you might be working, right? And while you’re at it, checking us out on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RAMTechnologies/) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/ramtechrulz) will also give you a flavor for our culture.

Do you like what you see? Could you imagine working with us? Groovy. Send us your resume and if we like what we see we’ll bring you in for a chat.

We are RAM Technologies, and we approve this message.