…as an opportunity.

But let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way. When you saw “growing pains” you thought of this didn’t you? It’s forgivable. We understand. It’s not laudable, mind you. But forgivable.

A part of our growing pains is more customers, with more projects. And those require primo project managers. We recently told you about Alex, who was an outside hire. But we are delighted to announce the internal promotion of Jolene Zelenock to join the Sales team as a project manager.

Jolene has led an interesting life. Her life experiences include the following*:

– Crossing the Pacific Ocean in a sailboat using only dead reckoning and surviving off the fish her crew was able to catch.

– Working alongside Sherpas to guide climbers to the top of Mt. Everest.

– Impressing friends and family with her hard-earned life skill of emulating monkey noises.

– Being awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics for “the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass.”

Contrary to the conniving character in Dolly Parton’s famous tune, our Jolene is rock solid, loyal, super nice and super smart. This is one Jolene you will be delighted to work with. Give her a call if you’ve got a new foam and fabric project. Just please don’t sing that song to her. She’s heard it before.

* Three of these experiences might be fictional

5. It’s a good number.

I mean, you’ve got the Jackson Five. Take Five. High Fives. It’s the number of books in the Old Testament Pentateuch. It’s the atomic number of Boron. (Duh)

Here at RAM the number 5 has a special meaning. Every work day, at precisely 8:15am, we pause to take part in what we have dubbed the “5 MINUTE CLEAN”. Every human being in the company stops what they’re doing and cleans all over the company for 5 minutes, while a suitably inspiring song is played over the loudspeakers to galvanize everyone with a dramatic renewal of purpose. This is a specific application of what are more broadly known as 5S principles. These are practices that help us maintain our edge as a leading lean manufacturing company.

We have a term of endearment for people and companies that reject the wisdom of 5S: “crap stackers.” You don’t want to be a crap stacker, do you?

Swing by RAM and check out the positive effects of 5S for yourself. And stop stacking your crap.


Lewis & Clark & RAM

Carving a route.

It’s what the brave explorers Lewis & Clark did across the Louisiana Purchase on their way the mighty Pacific Ocean.

As Meriweather Lewis recorded in his diary as they neared the mouth of the Columbia River: “My dearest hope, as I approach the end of the journey of a lifetime, is that our achievements won’t end up being used as a cheap anecdote by some ne’er-do-well in the future.”*

And it is in that spirit that we wanted to say that in our own way, RAM cuts and carves routes all day long. In most cases, we limit ourselves to foam and plastic material of workable dimensions, as opposed to establishing cross-continental trading and exploration paths.

CNC routing enables us to do all the detail and fine finish work that many of our customers’ most complex parts demand.

Isn’t it time that you loaded up your wagon, supplies, horses, and maps, and planned your journey to RAM?

*May be apocryphal


We’ve all heard of RF Welding.

Wait, you haven’t?

Look, I don’t want to be insulting, but radio frequency welding has been around since the 1940’s and is frankly a key part of what makes us America. Baseball, apple pie, and heating polymer dipoles by RF waves.

There are different ways to seal the edges of foam and fabric parts, and this lightning in a bottle is just what many of our customers like. Quick, efficient, and safe. How do we know? Because when we ordered our RF Welding machines, the salesman told us clearly: “I’ll tell you what. These machines are quick, efficient, and safe.” We know he was telling the truth, because he looked and sounded like Sam Elliott.

To summarize: Do you like America? Do you trust Sam Elliott? Then call us and ask about how our RF Welders can go to work for you.