“We can do that. We don’t even need a reason.”

Channeling greenskeeper Carl Spackler, on Tuesday, September 17, RAM Technologies’ own Greg Wright, Kreston Welch and Alex Sankey appeared at Harbor Point Golf Club and loudly announced to the entire clubhouse their intention to kill every gopher on the course with malice aforethought.

The perplexed patrons dissuaded the bloodthirsty threesome from their mammalian murder mission and asked them to, instead, join everyone that was partaking in a charity golf tournament. Our fearless trio agreed to save their vengeance for another day. Here is the triumphant team, proudly posing on the 6th hole with the implements of destruction they had originally brought to bear against the burrowing rodents.

Congratulations to Greg, Kreston and Alex for representing RAM well and raising funds for a worthy local children’s charity! The gophers may have survived to live another day, but it was worth it.


Sank You Very Much Ladies & Gentlemen

RAM is delighted to announce the return of one of our favorite family members to the fold.

Having started with RAM in 2012, by 2017 Alex Sankey was working remotely (from Spokane) as an Account Manager for us. The arrangement, and the commute, was not easy on a guy with a young and growing family. But he was a good soldier until an opportunity crossed his path that it would have been foolish to turn down.

But thankfully times and circumstances have changed so that on August 20 Alex will be able to join us once again. And once again, Alex’s gimlet eye for opportunities and details, his extensive knowledge of foams and fabrics, his ready laugh, his winsome personality with customers, and his mighty appetite for McDonald’s, will all be brought to bear for RAM in the marketplace.

We couldn’t be happier that the stars have aligned and that Alex’s many felonies have been expunged from his criminal history so that we are able to bring Alex back on as an Account Manager in our growing company as we continue our conquest of the foam and fabric world.

Truth, Just Us, and The American Way.

There is a time to discuss the topics of jurisprudence, intricate national legalities, and complicated constitutional issues. And certainly all of these topics are in the news right now.

But while these highbrow things are important, we’re a manufacturing company, so please permit us to take this moment to make a cravenly business-oriented point…when it comes to highly engineered foam and fabric manufacturing, there’s one thing our customers demand: Just Us.

Who do they want for quick turns? Just Us.

Who do they want for on time delivery? Just Us.

Who do they want for flawless laminations? Just Us.

Who do they want for the most precise cutting in our industry? Just Us.

Who do they want for unrivaled thermoforming? Just Us.

Who do they want when our competitors treat them like pains-in-the-neck instead of partners? Just Us.

Who should you call for all your foam fabrication needs? Just Us. Because this looks like a job for…RAM Technologies.


You know how the old saying goes: “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

In an ideal “lean” world, smooth production lines with locked-in takt times, and equally smooth communication across all internal and external teams, results in seamless, continual, predictable work environments.

And as companies become disciplined in lean, they do indeed move in that direction.

But sometimes, something intervenes. The unexpected. The unpredictable. Just look at the magnesium plant that was providing just-in-time deliveries to Ford and other automobile power players. Were they TS16949 and ISO14001 certified? Yup. Did they have a quality system that was robust? You bet. Did they know how to account for, and plan for, risks and opportunities? Duh. Don’t be insulting. You don’t get where they are at in Ford’s supply chain without that. And yet…the whole thing – literally – blew up.

On a much smaller scale (thankfully), “life” happens to us at RAM, too. What do we do when a customer decides they need to expedite parts? What do we do when material has to be sourced yesterday? What do we do when there’s a port strike? What do we do when a *crack team of Soviet commandos parachutes into Colorado, setting off World War 3?

It is in those circumstantial crucibles that you will see NECESSITY becoming the mother of INVENTION at RAM. While it’s true that we only build and ship to customer spec, everything outside of those parameters is a vista of opportunities for us to use our creativity, resources, grit and determination to wow our customers with awesome parts, awesome service, and awesome teamwork.

Necessity can be a demanding mom, for sure. But the inventions she’s birthed at RAM have helped make us the sharp and responsive team we are.

*Less of a concern now than it was in 1984.