On the lam(inator).

This is where things get sticky. Literally.

So imagine you’re at the pizza parlor, about to dig into your first slice. You take a big old bite, and darned if all the cheese and toppings don’t come sliding off. Some into your mouth. Some onto your plate. Some onto your lap. Why? Because the pizza sauce prevents any bond between the hot cheese and the dough. But what if you put the sauce on top? Well, then you could eat the pizza slice as hot as you want and all the toppings would NOT come sliding off because the mozzarella cheese on the bottom would create a bond with the dough. Of course, then you wouldn’t have a traditional pizza. But you would have Chicago style. And those are pretty frickin’ good.

But that’s the story behind our lamination. When we laminate foams and fabrics together, it’s all about bonding.

Precise, consistent, efficient, and environmentally safe bonding. We have custom laminating equipment (literally – no one else on the planet has exactly what we have) which allows us to be very competitive and consistent in our process. And why do I say environmentally safe? Isn’t that a cliché? Well, no. There are types of lamination that can result in excellent bonding, but use processes and chemicals whose contaminants tend to result in 3-eyed fish. I don’t want to name names, but – as an example – some of these unsafe methods take place in countries that rhyme with Vietnam.

So if you want it safe, and you want it to stick, let RAM go on the lam for you.