Peanuts, Crackerjacks & Foam

As many of you know, on Wednesday, November 1 the Houston Astros won the MLB world series.

That’s all well and good, but did you know that none of that was possible without foam?

What’s inside the home plate umpire’s protective padding? Foam! No padding, no home plate umpire. No home plate umpire, no game.

What lines the helmets of the batters? Foam! No padding, no helmets. No helmets, no batters. No batters, no game.

What about the liners of the headphones the color commentators wear? Foam! No foam, no color commentary! The dulcet tones over the years of such greats as Dave Niehaus and Harry Caray would have been unknown to us. Even mild mannered blokes like Bob Costas would have been enraged at the lack of comfortable headphones and refused to broadcast in such Neanderthal conditions.

What about the fans? How much would interest wane and attendance plummet if fans were not afforded the expressive beauty of foam fingers?

So as we celebrate the first baseball championship for the metropolitan namesake of Sam Houston, let’s not forget that foam made all of this possible. And according to the Michael Scott Rule Of Taking Credit Indirectly, basically RAM won the World Series. See you at Spring training.