“You see, son, when a rose meets a tulip, and they fall in love…”

Wait, that’s not the type of plant reproduction we’re talking about.

RAM Technologies is now a two-plant company. We just closed on a second facility on the Mukilteo Speedway, a stone’s throw (if you could throw a stone a quarter of a mile) away from our current location.

Why the additional location? Well, we’re growing. And growing companies need increased space to store more materials and make more things. Do you seriously not know how this works? Time for a remedial lesson from Elmer Fudd.

There will be more info on this exciting development as events unfold, as we continue our mission to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!



Got carried away. I meant to say: our mission to be the biggest and best company of our kind in the country.

We are taking suggestions for the new unofficial moniker of RAM’s second location. Current top contenders: RAM East, RAM Pitup, RAM Bunkshus, RAM Dintoowit. Submissions may be emailed to bkeller@ramtechnologies. A final decision will be made by consulting a magic 8-ball.