This week’s Christmas movie: It’s A Wonderful Life

Point: RAM is more Bailey than Potter

This is a no-brainer. I mean, is there even a Team Potter (Henry, not Harry)? If you are more conspiracy-minded, perhaps you would put the Trilateral Commission or Bildeberg Group in that camp. But there’s no one I’m aware of who actually explicitly aligns with the moneyed misanthrope, Henry F. Potter.

By contrast, George Bailey puts others first. In fact, he’s the opposite of tight-fisted: putting his brother through college; bailing out the Building & Loan customers with his honeymoon money when there was a run on the banks; helping other Bedford Falls folks keep roofs over their heads in times good and bad.

We could all learn a lesson from George Bailey. RAM is happy to be Team Bailey, and to emulate as best we can a love and respect for our fellow man, and treating each other with sacrificial generosity.