We were delighted to send one of our engineers to the beautiful country of Deutschland. We had asked him to sing accordingly while he was there, but he’s not that kind of guy.

You might wonder why we sent him there. Was it to attend the recent G20 summit with other international dignitaries? No, this year RAM was snubbed yet again. Was it to perform reconnaissance in case Germany decides to go to war with THE WORLD for the 3rd time? No.

The reason we sent him was: to personally confirm and test, pre-delivery, the incredible capabilities of some of the new equipment that is heading to RAM shortly over the ocean wide.

The particulars are hush-hush, but you might look at it this way: Our competitors are asleep at the wheel using Commodore 64’s while a fleet of new MacBook Pro’s are on their way to RAM.

Sleep well, competition, sleep well.