We’re looking for a weird Quality/Systems Engineer. That’s right, we need you to be weird.

In all the right ways.

We all know that people involved in quality and/or engineering careers can be unique characters. Example: during one of our more memorable quality audits from a customer, their QA manager arrived completely disheveled, wearing sweats and moon boots. Moon boots.

That sort of unique isn’t what we’re looking for. To put it in terminology that most quality/systems engineers will understand: we need someone who is a mix of Spock and Scotty. Someone who appreciates rules, logic and closed systems while at the same time brings a realism and creativity to get things working well under pressure or less-than-ideal circumstances.

This person will probably…

…work with both engineering and production in designing, implementing and managing systems.

…work with engineering in validating first articles.

…manage tool calibration.

…manage preventative maintenance schedules, new machine calibration and machine validation.

…work with production on continuously and dynamically improving our systems.

Experience or degrees consistent with the above certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Finally, you really need to get a sense of what our culture is, so make sure to poke around our website and social media.

If you think you might want to work with us on the bridge of the USS RAM, then ping us (bkeller@ramtechnologies.com) with your resume.

Live long and prosper!