We’ve all heard of RF Welding.

Wait, you haven’t?

Look, I don’t want to be insulting, but radio frequency welding has been around since the 1940’s and is frankly a key part of what makes us America. Baseball, apple pie, and heating polymer dipoles by RF waves.

There are different ways to seal the edges of foam and fabric parts, and this lightning in a bottle is just what many of our customers like. Quick, efficient, and safe. How do we know? Because when we ordered our RF Welding machines, the salesman told us clearly: “I’ll tell you what. These machines are quick, efficient, and safe.” We know he was telling the truth, because he looked and sounded like Sam Elliott.

To summarize: Do you like America? Do you trust Sam Elliott? Then call us and ask about how our RF Welders can go to work for you.